Aneeta Rattan receives SAGE Young Scholars Award

Prestigious prize recognises outstanding scholars in the early stages of their research careers

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Aneeta Rattan, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School (LBS) has received the Society for Personality and Social Psychology’s (SPSP) SAGE Young Scholars Award.

The prize recognises the remarkable achievements of young scholars in the early stages in their research careers and reflects not only the recipient’s current accomplishments, but also their potential.

Dr Rattan, whose research focusses on intergroup relations and mindsets, said she was grateful for the support shown by the SPSP.

“I feel honoured to receive the early career award - it is the ultimate honour to be recognised by my discipline as a leading scholar in a field of people whose research I deeply admire,” she said.

“I look forward to using the award funds to advance my research, which investigates how minorities and women respond to overtly biased statements, and how to foster the sense of belonging of minorities and women in contexts where they are underrepresented and subject to negative stereotypes,” she said.

Dr Rattan will be honoured alongside her fellow award recipients at the SPSP’s Annual Convention in the United States early next year.