Acclaimed Indian Fashion Designers help LBS students

London Business School students discover an industry going global


Renowned fashion designers Narendra Kumar and Azeem Khan are helping students from the prestigious London Business School to get under the skin of Indian fashion, discovering how it is evolving and going global.

Last week, the second year students met with the acclaimed designers and Superna Motwane, publisher of Apricot Publications. The students, who are visiting Mumbai to understand the  business landscape and understand how individuals and organisations are driving and adapting to change in India. The event was part of their MBA programme and the students heard how Indian culture has influenced global fashion over the ages.

The panel discussed the creative and commercial explosion in Indian fashion and predictions for future drivers and trends in the industry. From the bespoke style of the Maharajas who were patrons of and defined global luxury brands, to today’s Bollywood, which is bringing  trends such as the ‘bandh gala’ and ‘jodhpurs’ to the red carpet at international events, Indian fashion is going global. The Indian luxury consumer is evolving, the panel concluded.

London Business School under the aegis of its Global Business Experiences (GBE), brings students to Mumbai for a week, giving them a first-hand look at some of the changes, challenges, and opportunities in India today.

According to Amelia Whitelaw, Director, Global Experiences, London Business School: “The Global Business Experience (GBE) offers an opportunity for second year MBA students to experience dynamism in the market. Each GBE is led by two senior faculty members from different subject areas. They are designed to be fast-paced, engaging and demanding, and to push students outside their comfort zone. Students undertake field work and deliver a group-project working in an unfamiliar environment and with peers they have not worked with before.”

The panel discussion was held at The Vivanta by Taj – President, Cuff Parade and was followed by a tasting of Chandon and Mumbai street-style cuisine.