Academic to discuss the truth behind Greek meltdown

1706Media myths dispelled at Greek cultural festival in London

London Business School’s Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Michael Jacobides will attempt to uncover the truth behind the Greek ‘meltdown’ when he participates in a panel at an exciting Greek cultural festival this weekend.

Dr Jacobides will speak about the Greek media and economy as part of the ‘Greece is the Word!’ event at Southbank Centre on 19 October.  Together with Greek journalists Maria Margaronis and Theodora Oikonomides, Dr Jacobides will discuss the truth behind the Greek 'meltdown', the role alternative media play when mainstream media stop functioning and how media can shape and manipulate myths in times of crisis.

Dr Jacobides says: “Greece has, once again, been in the headlines. This time, not because of imminent collapse; if anything, there’s been much greater stability than many had predicted. But with youth unemployment reaching 60% and GDP contraction exceeding Great Depression levels, hardship is visible, fuelling the growth of extreme-right Golden Dawn, whose hubris was its undoing.

“The resulting prosecutions of Golden Dawn’s leadership for criminal activity, and the media frenzy around them, are both a testament of the problems that remain, and a stark reminder of the shaping role of media in our understanding of this, or any other crisis. What the press reports, in Greece and internationally, is often what “sells”, rather than a clear portrayal of the situation. The role of the Troika, the positive steps and the stubborn resistance to change, the mix of hope and despair, and even the role of Golden Dawn, are seen through the prism of media.”

The provocative debate ‘Media Myths’, which is part of a day-long festival bringing together writers, academics, comedians, filmmakers, poets and performers to showcase the contemporary Greek culture, will be chaired by new Channel 4 Arts Editor Paul Mason.

Billed as "an exploration of the country behind the headlines, and the culture behind the crisis", ‘Greece is the Word!’ aims to celebrate all that is Greek through cutting-edge, creative responses to the country's crisis.

Other highlights include events about Greek fiction, poetry and translation, and the crisis affecting the Greek book industry, with major names from Greece and the UK, including historian Bettany Hughes and novelist Victoria Hislop.

‘Media Myths’ takes place at 5.30pm. For tickets and further information, visit the Southbank Centre website.