€1.34 million grant awarded to Professor Helene Rey

Largest individual research grant ever received by London Business School faculty


Professor of Economics, Helene Rey, has received funding of €1.34 million as the European Research Council (ERC) awards its first prestigious grants to top researchers in Europe.

Professor Rey’s grant is one of only three per cent of successful applications and will go toward a five-year research programme on countries’ external balance sheets, dynamics of international adjustment and capital flows.

Professor Rey’s research aims to develop new theories and construct new datasets to understand the determinants of net and gross foreign asset positions, the trade balance and exchange rates and will quantify their respective roles in the dynamics of countries’ external deficits. She will also work on modelling international portfolio flows.

The research funding was made under the ERC’s first competition for the Starting Independent Investigators scheme open to up-and-coming research leaders based in Europe, and Professor Rey’s grant is one of only 10 awarded to economists in Europe.

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