Viviana Loriato

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance full time
  • Global Nationality: Brazilian / Italian

Viviana is an industrial engineering graduate from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. In her career, she has managed teams in competitive and market intelligence, and led strategic planning and business intelligence functions in order to leverage C-suite decision-making. She has worked for some of the world's largest natural resource producers, from iron ore to forestry and bioenergy.

After gaining a broad view of how giant enterprises work, and having the opportunity to understand a variety of markets while analysing prospective clients and suppliers, she decided to take a further step in her analysis reach. She realised that the programme which would best complement her skills was London Business School's post-experience Masters in Finance. Viviana received a Latin America Scholarship from LBS, and at the school, she became the class representative to the Student Association. As a student ambassador, she hopes to raise awareness about the MiF among professionals who don’t come from financial institutions, as she believes it is a path that is both challenging and rewarding. She is also eager to share her experience with Latin American professionals as she believes the programme can improve the way companies do business in her region.