Simone Dalle Nogare

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance Part-time
  • Global Nationality: Italian

Education: Masters in Management

Finance sector: Emerging managers/start-up in the privacy area

Previous or current role: Relationship Manager, Monviso Capital/Start-up Founder, Privacy Optimization

About me: Simone’s career development was mainly focused in the investment funds area, starting from a fund operational role at Euroclear Bank and a fund compliance one at JP Morgan in Brussels. Then followed a relationship manager position at an emerging manager, Macromoney, launched by a former LBS part-time MiF student. Today, he is supporting a DD, consulting and capital introduction company, Monviso Capital, specialised in all-weather strategies in the emerging managers area and is also the founder of a startup in the privacy area, Privacy Optimization.

He decided to pursue the part-time MiF programme at LBS for several reasons: LBS brand and recognition in the market, LBS students and the alumni network, the possibility to tailor the programme depending on your interests, flexibility of studying during the weekends with the part-time programme (he is commuting to London for the classes), support from the Career Centre if willing to take the next step professionally, and an investment in knowledge on the latest developments in the financial sector.

Simone is interested in alternative investments, start-up and new technologies and in his free time he enjoys travelling and water sports.

Contact: simoned.mifpt2023@london.edu