Sahil Garg

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance Full-time
  • Global Nationality: Indian

Education: Accounting & Finance

Finance sector: Transaction Advisory, Commercial Banking

Previous or current role: Investment Specialist, Invest India

Scholarship: Finance Club (ExCo), India Club, Wine & Spirits Club

About me: Sahil is from India and has an undergraduate degree in Accounting & Finance. He has seven years of work experience in transaction advisory, commercial banking and stakeholder management. Before LBS, Sahil was working for Invest India, an agency dedicated towards handholding investors bringing FDI to the country. He chose LBS for the flexibility of the Masters in Finance programme, LBS’s diverse cohort and its London location. After LBS, Sahil plans to pursue his career in investment banking.

For Sahil, the Masters in Finance is an introspective year as he explores leadership interests within the LBS community. Outside of his studies, Sahil takes part in events and challenges offered by finance oriented clubs.

Since joining LBS, Sahil has made many friends across different streams and programmes. “At LBS, since everyone comes in with a remarkable experience and is keen to make conversation, you build a great network of people,” he says.

When not working or travelling, Sahil spends time interacting and engaging with fellow students on the programme.

Contact: sgarg.mifft2023@london.edu