Nehemie Mimbo

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Management
  • Global Nationality: British

Education: Bachelors, University of Sheffield, UK; graduated in 2020

Topic(s) studied: Medicine

Interested in: Consulting

My greatest challenge when I applied to business school was: Studying for the GMAT exam while working full time during COVID.

About me: I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo amidst a time of great unrest that led to the Congo War – the largest international conflict since World War 2. My family sought and were granted asylum in the UK, where I settled and grew up in East London. I have since always sought to make an impact and was drawn to the field of healthcare. I studied Medicine at the University of Sheffield and after graduating in 2020, I started work as a doctor as the COVID pandemic began, which was challenging but very rewarding.

I loved my time in medicine but I wanted to make a wider impact across different industries with the hope that I can use this knowledge to eventually help transform the continent of Africa. This led me to study at LBS as it would allow me to gain business knowledge at a world-class institution.

During my studies, I completed internships in Cuba and Nicaragua and realised I love being in international environments. I also wanted to increase my network – LBS ticked all of these boxes for me.

Three topics I can be approached about: Pursuing LBS from a non-business background; application tips; life at LBS.

Email address: nmimbo.mim2023@london.edu