Jorden Korte

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance Part-time
  • Global Nationality: German

Education: Bachelors in Socioeconomics

Finance sector: Real estate private equity

Previous or current role: Senior Associate – Products, PATRIZIA AG

About me: Jorden M Korte is a real estate private equity professional, responsible for expanding the pan-European product portfolio of PATRIZIA AG, a global real assets investment manager.

Working in a strategic role and with a keen interest in investments, he decided to pursue the part-time Masters in Finance programme at LBS to deepen his expertise in the subject, with a special focus on topics concerning investment management and private markets. Able to join PATRIZIA's London office, he relocated to the UK, allowing him to interact with the LBS community on a continuous basis. He is an active member of several clubs, including the Real Estate Club and Private Equity & Venture Capital Club. Passionate about the real estate industry, Jorden aims to use his broad network to further strengthen the connection between LBS and the industry.

In his spare time, he releases stress and draws energy from CrossFit workouts, hiking, golf and playing the drums.

Jorden was born and raised in a small town near Hamburg, Germany. He received a Bachelors degree in Socioeconomics from the University of Hamburg and is a CAIA charterholder.

Contact: jkorte.mifpt2023@london.edu