Fjona Coka

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Management
  • Global Nationality: Albanian

Education: Bachelors, Bocconi University, Italy; graduated in 2022

Topic(s) studied: Economics & Management

Interested in: Consulting, asset management, technology

My greatest challenge when I applied to business school was: Time management between university lectures, studying for GMAT and completing masters applications.

About me: Throughout my undergraduate studies, I wanted to explore different sectors and I have completed different internships in finance and consulting. While at Bocconi University, I co-founded a student association, Horus Investment Fund, where I was the head of marketing, later becoming the head of the fintech team.

The international exposure gained during my undergraduate studies has made me very open to new experiences and perspectives. I am passionate about tech and blockchain; healthy lifestyle and fitness; as well exploring new restaurants and bars in my free time.

Three topics I can be approached about: Moving to London; scholarships; lifestyle.

Email address: fcoka.mim2023@london.edu