David Clarkson

Education: Bachelor of Arts in History, University of Bristol; graduated in 2010

Pre-MBA industry: Military

Pre-MBA role: Captain, Liaison Officer, British Army

Clubs: Military in Business Club, Consulting Club, Tech & Media Club, Sailing Club

About me: David grew up not far from London in the cathedral city of Winchester and graduated from Bristol University with a degree in History.

Prior to beginning his MBA at LBS, David was a Captain in the British Army. In 2014, he commissioned into The Royal Lancers (Queen Elizabeths’ Own) as a reconnaissance Troop Leader. As well as the regular cycle of deployments, he has spent time in Canada as an exchange officer, the USA as a liaison officer and deployed around the globe on training exercises. In 2018, he worked for the United Nations, and was deputy commander of the UN’s Mobile Force Reserve in Cyprus, gaining strategic insight into international diplomacy and politics. In 2020–21, he deployed to Afghanistan where he worked as a Liaison Officer with the Afghanistan Security Forces in Kabul prior to the withdrawal of NATO troops in 2021.

At LBS, David is LBS Military Scholarship recipient and keen member of the Military in Business Club. He also enjoys sailing, cycling and running, and is rediscovering his singing voice with the LBS Music Club. Professionally, he is interested in transitioning from the military into consulting or tech – and would be delighted to talk with anyone considering those two options or to those from less conventional business school backgrounds.

Three topics I can be approached about: Military to business; moving to London; non-traditional backgrounds to MBA

Email address: dclarkson.mba2023@london.edu