Christian Naccour

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: Lebanese
  • Profile Job Pre-programme: Auditing at Ernst & Young, Beirut
  • Profile Job Post-programme: Consultant, Bain & Company

“A few years ago I came to a point in my career where it was clear I needed to make a big change. Business study seemed to me to offer the fastest route to achieving what had become a very specific goal – to make a career switch into the management consulting industry. However, once the decision to do an MBA was made, it was important to make sure I joined the right business school. London offered the diverse and eclectic student body I was looking for, and a central city location that was second to none.” 

“Internationalism is at the core of the London Business School community and from the start of the programme I was immersed in a culturally rich and diverse environment. While the vibrant student community benefited me on a social level, my first year study group was a superb opportunity to work with a team from different backgrounds, and a perfect replica of potential future professional interactions. This experience taught me that the key to successful leadership in such a multicultural environment is to make use of diversity without compromising efficiency. I also learned the necessity of adapting my leadership style to the context and people around me.” 

“From my own experiences and after talking with a number of students from other schools, I’m pretty confident that London Business School offers by far the best campus life. The openness, tolerance and diversity of the student community was exceptional. By joining different clubs, I found myself at the heart of student activities. As a member of the Student Association I helped arrange a variety of events including Tattoo and the Summer Ball, all of which greatly improved my organisational skills and provided further opportunities to network.” 

“There is no question that my MBA has fulfilled my immediate professional aims, enabling me to secure my full-time job with Bain & Company in strategy consulting. The School’s reputation is an asset to my future career. I have built strong interpersonal and leadership skills that will help as I take on more senior managerial positions, and I have gained key academic insights. On a more personal level, I made many new friends from very different origins and broadened my network to a global level. Everybody at LBS brings with them an open mind and a curiosity to learn about cultural difference. It has been an invaluable learning experience, completely reshaping my approach both to leadership, and to friendship.”