Caroline Stewart

Previous degree(s): BA in Economics and Mathematics, University of California, Santa Barbara, US; graduated in 2017

Pre-MBA industry: Consulting – Healthcare

Pre-MBA role: Engagement Manager, Huron Consulting Group

Clubs: Sailing Club (Executive Committee – VP Sailing), Impact Consulting Club (Executive Committee – Project Lead), Women in Business Club, Middle East and North Africa Club, Consulting Club

Three topics I can be approached about: Consulting; applying from the US; working during your MBA.

About me: Caroline (Carly) grew up in Denver, Colorado, and holds an honours degree in Economics and Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Barbara. After graduating, she spent six years working in healthcare consulting and has continued to work part-time for the firm in her first year at LBS.

Carly began her MBA at LBS to pursue a career in consulting outside of the US. At LBS, Carly has been able to explore other sectors of consulting for international companies through hands-on projects sponsored by LBS clubs, like Impact Consulting Club.

Carly left the US to pursue a diverse education experience in and out of the classroom and to return to London. She had previously completed an exchange at LSE and was keen to experience living in the city again. She also received a Forté Foundation Fellowship to recognise her demonstration of, and future potential for, exemplary female leadership.

In her spare time, Carly enjoys making the most of the wonderful parks and outdoor spaces across London and travelling to destinations around Europe with the Sailing Club.

Email: cstewart.mba2025@london.edu