Ashwitha Bingumalla

Education: Computer Science

Finance sector: Fintech

Previous or current role: Technical Business Analyst, Instinet 

About me: Ash is a part-time Masters in Finance student at LBS and also a Merit Scholar. She holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Imperial College London and is currently working as a technical business analyst at Instinet in London. Due to the growing regulatory environment shaping the financial industry, technology is often sought as the best solution for firms to stay competitive. Ash’s undergraduate studies in Computer Science have helped her tackle and increase automation in the algorithmic trading space at Credit Suisse and now in her current role at Instinet.

After attending the Women in Business evening at LBS in 2019 and hearing the alumni share their experiences, Ash felt inspired to follow their footsteps and learn the valuable financial skills needed to navigate any area within finance.

Ash’s other areas of interest include being a passionate member and ambassador of the STEM community. She has organised lessons at disadvantaged schools and encouraged many students to pursue STEM degrees. She is also an active member of WeAreTheCity – a network based in London comprising 120,000 people with the aim to attract, retain and develop female talent. At LBS, she is involved with the Women in Business Club, the Private Equity & Venture Capital Club as well as being an Executive Committee member of India Club.

Contact: ashb.mifpt2023@london.edu