Alissa Del Toro

Education: BSc Biological Engineering, Cornell University, USA; graduated in 2013

Pre-MBA industry: Technology/startups

Pre-MBA role: COO, Karis Digital

Clubs: Black in Business Club, Social Impact Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Volleyball Club

About me: Originally from the States, Alissa was born and raised in South Florida, but has lived across the US, including NYC, DC, Chicago and Portland. She has also worked in a multitude of roles within tech ranging from tech consultant to product manager. More recently, Alissa’s career journey led her to Berlin, where she joined a four-person founding team, as COO, building a healthtech startup from the ground up.

A lover of innovation, Alissa understands the entrepreneurial struggles first-hand and hopes to leverage her LBS experience to remove barriers-to-entry and empower other founders, disrupters and dreamers to strive for more in the social impact industry.

Alissa enjoys meeting new folks and hearing their stories – so don’t be a stranger! She is knowledgeable in early-stage startups, especially scaling B2B tech ventures in verticals such as healthcare, education and life sciences. Alissa is also happy to discuss anything and everything DEI in business, being a career switcher (operator to investor), and navigating the admission process. Outside of school, you can find her at various art walks, learning to DJ, playing a pickup game of ultimate frisbee, and test-driving quirky cocktail recipes on her friends.

Three topics I can be approached about: Non-traditional background

Email address: adeltoro.mba2023@london.edu