Immerse yourself in an international business environment

Nothing compares to the real-world business situations that our Global Business Experiences (GBEs) present. 


Unquestionably a highlight of the programme, GBEs allow you to apply the frameworks you've studied to organisations in the emerging and developed markets around the world. Flourish outside your comfort zone by pushing yourself into unfamiliar territory and working with classmates from different cultures and industries.


The week long programme consists of faculty briefings, guest speakers, site visits, workshops, panels, company visits and opportunities to engage with local LBS alumni in the region. 


Academic or project work will help you to accelerate and develop your learning. Engage in debate on a hot topic in the finance industry, support a micro-entrepreneur with a business plan, or help a tech start-up tackle a pressing business issue.


Where will your experience take you?


No GBE is the same. The theme, assessment and format of these intensive and hands-on experiences depends on the location. Every GBE is faculty-led, academically-focused, relevant, fast-paced and highly rewarding. Whether you are looking to fill a knowledge gap, or understand business practice in a particular country, the GBEs are an exciting opportunity for applied, experiential learning.


Current locations include South Africa, India, China, Myanmar, Peru and Brazil

  • Johannesburg, South Africa

    Theme: Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth: The Role of Micro-Businesses

    Learning objective: Work with a micro-entrepreneur on a challenge facing their business in an important emerging market. Develop an understanding of the process of growth and transformation, as well as the constraints and opportunities that surround them.

    “It was life changing. Whether it was helping our township entrepreneur with the little resources she had, or understanding the challenges of a developing economy with a heavy past, it was a unique time of personal growth and reflection.”
    - Marie Milleron (French) MBA2015, Director of CEO Office and Group Holdings, Thales

  • Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel

    Theme: Contextualising the Drivers of Innovation

    Learning objective: In 2016, funding in Israeli startups grew to $4.2bn while the global market experienced a decline. Why?

    Explore environments that encourage innovation, look at how startups generate revenue, discuss how future innovations might disrupt current business models and much more.

    “Understanding the underlying factors that trigger entrepreneurs to strive for their ventures, allow venture capital funding to flourish and bring huge corporations together to coach and nourish new ideas was without doubt among the best experiences in my entire MBA journey.”

    - Oscar Zapata (Peruvian) MBA2016, Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group

  • Mumbai, India

    Theme: Harnessing the Winds of Change 

    Learning objective: Gain insight into the realities and intricacies of doing business in dynamic India, and hear different perspectives about how society and organisations are approaching change.

    “I have been to India before, but the GBE exposed me to many more facets, challenges and joys of the country. It was truly inspiring, from the kindness and fun in the rural villages to the thriving economy in the slums and the errorless operations of the DabbaWala food delivery. It was so impressive to me how more than one billion people from different religions and a huge wealth disparity live mostly peacefully with and next to each other. Thanks to my peers who made this an unforgettable experience.”
    - Yves Bauer (German) MBA2016, Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company

  • Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China

    Theme: Innovation and Institutions in China

    Learning objective: Explore the impact of innovation and institutions across a diverse range of sectors and businesses. Examine how Hong Kong is developing, and changing the nature of its relationship with mainland China.

    "The GBE is surely the highlight of the MBA programme. Spending a week in Hong Kong, immersed in social, political and economic issues gave me an instantly richer understanding of China than I could ever have developed from outside of the region.” 

    - Tristan Kaye (Australian) MBA2015, Trading Director, The Bread Factory

  • Lima, Peru

    Theme: Reinvention in Turbulent Times

    Learning objective: Gain a first-hand look into the changes, challenges and opportunities faced by and within Lima today. Explore the factors contributing to strong demand for new technologies, new business models and public– private partnerships, in addition to ongoing political and social challenges.   

    “The Lima GBE was a highlight of my MBA. We spent a week hearing from Peruvian business leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs and alumni about Peru’s fascinating journey through turbulent times. It forced me to think deeply and sparked many interesting conversations among my peers.” 
    - Mollie Amkraut (American) MBA2016, Business Design Lead, IDEO

  • Yangon, Myanmar

    Theme: Frontier Markets: Opportunities and Challenges 

    Learning Objective: Engage with leading local companies and entrepreneurs to gain an understanding of the opportunities and risks that Myanmar faces at this stage of its development. Examine how these opportunities and risks can be managed to ensure sustainable growth and what role SMEs and early-stage companies are playing in this development.

    “This was an incredible experience. It was an ideal balance of learning, discussion, and experiential learning. It is clear the GBE is set up to ensure students reap the maximum benefit, and it was apparent that the organizers thought about this from the perspective of students. It was a bonding experience with classmates to be in Yangon and be learning about entrepreneurship in a context none of us had ever seen (regardless of our career experience).” 
    - Sofia Leo (Argentinian) MBA2018


  • São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Theme: The Emerging Giant: Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges Facing Brazil Today

    Learning objective: As the fifth largest country in the world by area and population, with advanced industries, a host of world-beating organisations, and a vast domestic market, Brazil should be the next continental player achieving global scale advantage. But internal fragmentation, a challenging political environment, and critical skill and infrastructure deficits have long delayed Brazil’s full emergence. Join us in exploring the question of how far Brazil can go – and when?


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