Your company may be able to help with the costs of your degree programme

Many of our students are sponsored in full or in part by their employers for their studies at London Business School (LBS). The key to securing sponsorship? A compelling business case.

You know why you want to do a degree programme at LBS and how it will transform your future. But your employer will see things from a different perspective: how will it benefit them? Putting your case forward well gives you the best chance of winning their support.

All our degree programmes have different time commitments and formats. Check out all of our degree programmes.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Am I eligible for the programme?

  • Who will be making the sponsoring decision?

  • What level of support already exists?

  • How does the programme fit the needs of the business?

  • How does the programme fit with my career development?

  • What will I bring back to my organisation?

  • What commitment am I asking for from my employer?

  • What commitment I am prepared to make to my employer?

Making your case

Your job and your employer are unique so there’s no set way to make your case, but there are issues that everybody should address in their business cases.

  • What is the value of the knowledge you’ll get from the programme to your company? What will the benefits be for your company, your team and you?

  • Make a comprehensive statement of commitment required by your employer

  • Make sure your employer knows how committed you are to the company, both now and after the programme.