London Business School Review


20 years from now, most consumption could be virtual, says WeChat’s founder

By Julian Birkinshaw

LBS alumni discuss how they are changing the world through innovation

By London Business School

Thought leader in digital innovation who believes in the power of tech to transform the world for the better

By Aine Doris

Visionary Microsoft leader who believes business has a responsibility to address problems of globalisation

By Aine Doris

Social enterprise founder bringing financial inclusion through entrepreneurship to millions across India

By Annette MacKenzie

Global financier who leads ground-breaking campaign for better representation of women in boardrooms

By Alex Falconer

Doctor whose entrepreneurial spirit made her quit medicine to become a pharmaceutical CEO

By Aine Doris

Former astronaut whose space journeys have given him a unique perspective on venture funding

By Matt Munday

Global comms expert who surfs sectors, cultures and geography to help companies remove barriers to growth

By Annette MacKenzie

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