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Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship; Robert P Bauman Chair in Strategic Leadership

Five ways to bring your monitoring process into the 21st century

By Costas Markides

Established companies believe that entrepreneurial attitude combined with experience is a recipe for success

By Costas Markides

Your organisation is playing the first game. An innovator attacks you and plays a second. How should you respond? Develop a third

By Costas Markides

How is the digital disruption affecting your business? Today's podcast theme is Dealing with disruption.

By Julian Birkinshaw

How do you know if the idea you just came up with is any good?

By Costas Markides

Do you have the right structures, processes and people to support your strategy?

By Costas Markides

Your big idea isn’t going to sell itself. Here’s how to persuade everyone else that it’s great.

By Costas Markides

More change is coming, say our experts, so be prepared for another challenging year.

By Richard Jolly

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