About Sumantra Ghoshal

Sumantra Ghoshal was Professor of Strategy and International Management at the London Business School until his untimely death in March 2004.  Before that, he also served as faculty member at INSEAD and as Visiting Professor at MIT Sloan School of Management.

Sumantra published 12 books including Managing Across Borders and The Individualized Corporation, both co-authored with Christopher Bartlett and The Differentiated Network, co-authored with Nitin Nohria.  His last book was A Bias for Action, co-authored with Heike Bruch.  Sumantra also published over 60 articles in academic journals as well as numerous award winning case studies.

Sumantra's research focused on strategic, organizational and managerial issues confronting large, global companies and was recognized worldwide as leading-edge.  For example, Managing Across Borders: The Transnational Solution, has been listed in the Financial Times as one of the 50 most influential management books of the 20th century and has been translated into nine languages. The Differentiated Network: Organizing the Multinational Corporation for Value Creation, won the George Terry Book Award in 1997.  The Individualized Corporation, won the Igor Ansoff Award in 1997, and has been translated into seven languages. Managing Radical Change, won the Management Book of the Year award in India. 

With doctoral degrees from both the MIT School of Management and the Harvard Business School, Sumantra served on the Boards of several companies and was a member of the Committee of Overseers of the Harvard Business School.  He was a Fellow at the Academy of Management, The Academy of International Business and the World Economic Forum.

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