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The Sumantra Ghoshal Strategy Conference on Managerially Relevant Research 

An annual event that focuses on research that matters to managers


21 - 22 May 2017, London Business School


The Sumantra Ghoshal Conference highlights the best managerially relevant research from around the world.

Every year, we bring together researchers to present papers that meet the highest standards of academic rigour, as well as create valuable insights for practitioners, managers, consultants and policy makers.

Attendance at the conference is by invitation only.

  • 2017 Programme

    Sunday 21 May


    Michael G Jacobides

    Welcome Letter

    Academic paper track: People and Organizations
    Track Chair: Aharon Cohen Mohliver
    Co-organisers: Isabel Fernandez-Mateo, Bryan Stroube



    George Chondrakis (Pompeu Fabra University) and Mari Sako (University of Oxford): They Come, They Go, But Relationships Stay: Supplier Employee Mobility and Contracting Strategy - Presentation

    Andrew von Nordenflycht (Simon Fraser University) , Heidi Gardner (Harvard Law School) and Forrest Briscoe (Pennsylvania State University): Rare Knowledge Combinations in Professional Services: Are They a Source of Competitive Advantage? - Presentation

    Emilie Feldman (University of Pennsylvania) , Claudine Gartenberg (New York University) and Julie Wulf (NBER): Pay Inequality and Reductions in Corporate Scope

    Andrea Patacconi (University of East Anglia) , Sharon Belenzon (Duke University) and Niron Hashai (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem): The Architecture of Attention: Group Structure and Subsidiary Autonomy - Presentation


    Academic paper track: Organizing for Innovation
    Track Chair: Keyvan Vakili
    Co-organisers: Michaël Bikard, Freek Vermeulen



    Trey Cummings (Washington University) and Anne Marie Knott (Washington University): CEO Selection and Innovation - Presentation

    Ronald Klingebiel (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management) and Peter Esser (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management): Stage-Gate Processes and Selection in Innovation

    Martine Haas (University of Pennsylvania) and Prithwiraj Choudhury (Harvard Business School): Micro-foundations of Patenting in Firms: Inventor Composition, Patent Scope, and Patenting Speed - contact author for further information

    Felipe Monteiro (INSEAD) , Sergio Lazzarini (Insper Institute of Education and Research), Luiz Mesquita (Arizona State University) and Aldo Musacchio (Brandeis International Business School): Leviathan: A Leader or Laggard Inventor? Patenting Intensity, Originality, and Impact of State-owned Enterprises - contact author for further information


    Insight Session: From Theory to Practice - Lessons from Life Sciences
    Moderator: David Lancefield (PwC / Strategy&)

    David Roblin (COO and Director of Scientific Translation, The Francis Crick Institute) - Presentation

    The COO and Director of Scientific Translation of The Francis Crick Institute will share the innovative model for helping bridge theoretically advanced research into practice and consider how to design an organisation to catalyse the healthcare innovation ecosystem.


    Academic Keynote speaker

    Laurence Capron (INSEAD) , Winner of the Ghoshal Award 2017 - Presentation

    Laurence Capron, winner of the Sumantra Ghoshal Award for Managerially Relevant research, will help us make sense of some of the phenomena her research has addressed and suggest what the next frontiers in management research are.


    Dinner & Debate:
    n the era of post-truths, the stories that we spin as business academics are more important than the facts that underpin our research


    Speaking for the motion:
    Paul Nightingale (SPRU, Sussex)


    Speaking against the motion:
    Ezra Zuckerman Sivan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

    Monday 22 May


    Academic paper track: Strategic Adjustment in a World of Shifting Boundaries
    Track Chair: Catie Magelssen
    Co-organisers: Julian Birkinshaw, Sendil Ethiraj



    Melissa Schilling (New York University) , Joost Rietveld (Erasmus University) and Cristiano Bellavitis (Auckland University): Reload and Relaunch: Value Creation and Capture in Platform Ecosystems

    Henrik Bresman (INSEAD) and Quy Huy (INSEAD): Orchestrating Strategic Change in Fast Moving Environments: A Team-Based Process Model - Presentation

    Tarek Ghani (Washington University) and Tristan Reed (Harvard University): Relationships, Risk and Rents: Evidence from a Market for Ice

    Mu-Jeung Yang (University of Washington ), Lorenz Kueng (Northwestern University) and Nicholas Li (University of Toronto): The Impact of Emerging Market Competition on Innovation and BusinessStrategy


    Academic paper track – Cognition, Perception, Context and Strategy
    Track Chair: Donal Crilly
    Co-organisers: Yiorgos Mylonadis, Ioannis Ioannou



    Panikos Georgallis (University of Surrey) , Glen Dowell (Cornell University) and Rodolphe Durand (HEC Paris): Shine On Me: Policy Support For Emergent Industries - contact author for further information

    Sanjay Patnaik (George Washington University) and Dylan Minor: Using Non-market Actors as Strategic “Weapons” to Increase Firm Performance: Theory and Evidence - contact author for further information

    Matthew Lee (INSEAD) , Arzi Adbi (INSEAD) and Jasjit Singh (INSEAD): Framing the Double Bottom Line: Social Enterprises and the Efficiency of Impact Investing Portfolios - contact author for further information

    Amulya Tata (ETH Zurich) , Daniella Laureiro-Martinez (ETH Zurich) and Stefano Brusoni (ETH Zurich): Looking Backwards or Forwards?”: The Role of Temporal Focus on Venture Performance


    Insight Session: The Strategic Response of Disrupted Giants
    Moderator: Michael G Jacobides


    In this panel, leaders from two large organizations share their experiences on how they have responded to disruption, but also how they have taken up the disruption agenda themselves. We consider the strategic issues for established firms as they cope with industry transformation, including the rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence and tech-based disrupters. We draw on one of the worlds’ largest (and innovative) law firms and a major bank as they respond to change.



    Neal Livingston (Global Chief Financial Officer, Dentons)
    Stephen Dury (Managing Director, New Business Models, Santander)


    Academic paper track: Entrepreneurship by Entrepreneurs – or Large Corporates
    Track Chair: Olenka Kacperczyk
    Co-organisers: Gary Dushnitsky, Costas Markides



    Pai-Ling Yin (University of Southern California) , Benjamin Hallen (University of Washington) and Jason Davis (INSEAD): Network Isolates: Entrepreneurial Bootstrapping and the Social Disconnection of New Organizations in the Mobile App Ecosystem

    Jacob Lyngsie (Copenhagen Business School) , Jay Barney (University of Utah) and Nicolai Foss (Bocconi University): How Employee Heterogeneity, Bottom-up Initiative, and Decision Control Interact in the Formation of Entrepreneurial Opportunities - contact author for further information

    Alfonso Gambardella (Bocconi University) , Arnaldo Camuffo (Bocconi University) and Alessandro Cordova (Bocconi University): A Scientific Approach to Entrepreneurial Experimentation: Evidence From a Randomized Control Trial

    Victor Bennett (Duke University) and Aaron Chatterji (Duke University) The Entrepreneurial Process: Evidence from a Nationally Representative Survey


    From Theory to Practice: Pitching your Ideas

    All paper presenters will provide their 3 minute elevator pitch to convince people from practice that their idea is worth its air time.



    Sarah Cliffe (Executive Editor, Harvard Business Review)
    Andrew Hill (Management Editor, Financial Times)


    Sense Making of the Conference
    Academic side:
    Barney (University of Utah)


    Practice side:
    Dan Simpson (Former CSO, Clorox; Lecturer at University of California, Berkeley)
    Mark Wilson (
    Former Vice President Corporate Strategy, Unilever; Finance Director, Squire's Garden Centres)


    Concluding remarks:
    David Lancefield (PwC / Strategy&)

    Michael G Jacobides


    Closing Drinks Reception at the Reform Club

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