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The Strategy and Entrepreneurship subject area holds weekly seminars. Details of our Spring & Summer Term speakers are provided below.

SE SEMINAR SERIES, SPRING & SUMMER 2019 Tuesdays (11.00am-12.30pm)




Title of Seminar

 Jan 22

 Emilie Feldman

 Wharton University of Pennsylvania

 Stakeholder Orientation and Divestiture Activity

 Jan 29

 Christiane Bode

 Bocconi University Visiting LBS

 Up to No Good? Gender, Social Impact Work and Employee Promotions

 Feb 5

 Andrew Shipilov

 INSEAD, visiting LBS

 Is all Publicity good Publicity? The Impact of Direct and Indirect Media Pressure on the Adoption of Governance Practices

 Feb 12

 Mae McDonnell

 Wharton University of Pennsylvania

 Take a Stand or Keep your Seat: Board Turnover after Social Activist Challenges

 Feb 19

 Rodolphe (Rudi) Durand

 HEC, Paris


 Feb 26

 Javier Gimeno



 Mar 12

 PK Toh

 University of Texas, Austin

 The Joint Roles of Complementary Components and Coordination via Standard Setting on Firm Value within Ecosystems

 Mar 19

 Tiantian Yang

 Duke University


 Mar 26

 Hong Luo

 Harvard Business School

 When does Product Liability Risk Chill Innovation? Evidence from Medical Implants

 Apr 2

 Dan Wang

 Columbia Business School

 How Knowledge Breadth and Depth Jointly Influence Entrepreneurial Entry: The Complementary Role of Social Groups

 Apr 9

 Chuck Eesley

 Stanford University

 Connected, But Still Lagging: Rural Sellers during Platform Change

 May 14

 Phanish Puranam



 May 21

 Simona Giorgi

 University of Bath


SE SEMINAR SERIES 2018 Tuesdays (11.00am-12.30pm)





Title of Seminar

 Jan 23

 Kaisa Snellman


 Women Don't Mean Business? Gender Penalty in Board Appointments

 Jan 30

 Seth Carnahan

 University of Michigan

 Friends Don't Compete with Friends in the Labor Market: Evidence from Large US Law Firms

 Feb 6

 Samina Karim

 Northeastern University

 Physical Resource Allocation and Firm Operational Performance

 Feb 13

 Keyvan Vakili


 The Pace of Change and Creative Performance: Specialist and Generalist Mathematicians at the fall of the soviet Union

 Feb 20

 Juan Alcacer

 Harvard Business School

 Applying Random Coefficient Models to Strategy Research: Testing for Firm Heterogeneity, Predicting Firm-specific Coefficients, and Estimating Strategy Trade-Offs

 Feb 27

 Maggie Zhou

 University of Michigan

 Follow the Sun: Value-Chain Positioning in an Emerging Industry

 Mar 13

 Gautum Ahuja

 Cornell University

 Research Risk-Taking and Ownership of Publis Corporations

 Mar 20

 Nathan Furr


 Product Adaptation during New Industry Emergence: The Role of Start-up Team Pre-entry Experience

 Mar 27

 Laura Huang

 Harvard Business School

 The Asymmetric Prospects of Maximal and Minimal Extremes: Performance Volatility and Captial Raising in Private Equity

 Apr 10

 Eero Vaara

 Aalto University

 Strategic Concepts as Micro-Level Tolls in Strategic Sensemaking

 Apr 17

 Henry Sauermann

 ESMT, Berlin

 Who Joins a Startup? Preferences, Ability and Structural Constraints

 May 1

 Chris Marquis

 Cornell University

 Resource Scarcity Imprinting and resource Use: A Study of Chinese Private Entrepreneurs

 May 15

 Dennis Yao

 Harvard Business School

 Rationalizing Outcomes: Mental-Model-Guided Learning in Competitive Markets

 Sept 18

 Richard Whittington

 Said Business School, Oxford

 Opening Strategy: Professional Strategists and Practice Change, 1960 to Today

 Oct 9

 Aruna Ranganathan

 Stanford University

 Gamification through Qualification: How and When Output Control Improves Worker Productivity

 Oct 16

 Lori Yue

 University of Southern California

 When App Developers move from Apple to Google: Platform Competition and Cross-Platform Mobility

 Oct 23

 Pascal Anders

 LBS PhD Student

 Geographic Proximity and the Related Diversification Advantage

 Nov 6

 Joao Cotter Salvado

 LBS PhD Student

 Acquisitions and the Visual representation of Strategy

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