Strategy and Entrepreneurship PhD

The doctoral program in Strategy and Entrepreneurship aims to produce leading world-class scholars, who will pursue impactful academic careers following the completion of their PhD. Students are encouraged to conduct research that focuses on understanding how organisations create and sustain superior competitive performance, as well as on the processes by which economic value is created and distributed in markets. The interdisciplinary nature of the field also implies that doctoral research typically draws on concepts and theories from economics, sociology and psychology, and addresses a wide variety of topics that have direct or indirect implications for organisational effectiveness. Importantly, we emphasise real world relevance as a core value. Students in the Strategy and Entrepreneurship PhD programme have direct access to and work closely with London Business School's world-renowned strategy and entrepreneurship faculty. Our students should be committed to conducting rigorous research, but also to addressing questions that have significant implications for firms and markets.


Students can specialise in the following areas:


  • competitive strategy

  • corporate strategy

  • strategy and organisation

  • technological change and innovation

  • entrepreneurship

  • international management

  • structure of market competition

  • corporate social responsibility / sustainability.


In the first two years, students develop the theoretical knowledge and methodological skills needed to become successful researchers. Compulsory courses include Microeconomics, Basic Readings in Business, Research Design, Strategy Content and Strategy Process. Further requirements depend on the area of specialisation. Student progress is assessed through their coursework, by field examinations at the end of the first and second year, and a compulsory second year research paper and presentation to the department.



PhD applications

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