The Organisational Behaviour (OB) department at the London Business School is considered one of the top research departments in the world. Its faculty members are known both for the breadth of topics they pursue and for their in-depth cutting edge research on these topics. Specific areas of strength include: ethics and morality, decision making, negotiations, social networks, gender, power and status, creativity, leadership and team and group processes.


The OB PhD programme centers on research, with emphasis on the interplay between theory development and empirical research.  The program is designed to develop the theoretical knowledge and methodological skills necessary for students to become successful, productive scholars. The program celebrates theoretical and methodological rigour and managerial relevance.   The PhD programme in Organisational Behaviour is designed to train students to become scholars in the field and take academic jobs in research-oriented universities around the world. We expect you to take 4-5 years to complete the PhD, during which we expect you to develop content knowledge, learn to conduct original empirical research, tutor and teach, and internalise the professional values and traditions of the field.



The programme integrates psychological, sociological and economic perspectives on the study of organizations and their members. Faculty and students pursue research on the behaviour of individuals, groups and organisations, with the goal of advancing theoretical understanding of these phenomena. The program of study emphasizes the interplay between theory development and empirical research. 


Our doctoral students come from a variety of backgrounds, with undergraduate degrees in the social sciences, business, engineering and allied fields.  

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