Economics PhD

The unique Economics programme is designed around two key features – a small number of focused courses provided in areas in which the subject area specialises, and a small cadre of students who form a close working relationship amongst themselves and with the Economics faculty. A feature of our programme is the very high faculty-student ratio and this is encouraged through our selection process by choosing students who express a mature interest in working in an area in which faculty specialise.

Students work closely with their supervisor, gain access to leading international conferences and are closely monitored and assisted through the all-important job market experience. In their first two years, students take six internal economics courses covering micro, macro and econometrics. The aim of these courses is to equip students with advanced technical skills with which to pursue their studies and to give them access to the frontiers of research. 

These courses are taught by our own faculty and also by visitors. Past visitors have included Acemoglu (MIT), Canova (UPF), Gourinchas (UC Berkeley), Marcet (LSE), Rigobon (MIT), Leeper (Indiana) and Sargent (NYU). There is also the option to take courses from other subject areas at London Business School, as well as courses offered at LSE and UCL. 

While pursuing their coursework students are encouraged to begin their research in their chosen area

The Economics subject area has an outstanding international reputation in key areas of research such as game theory and decision theory, industrial economics, political economy, international macroeconomics and finance, business cycles (both theory and econometrics) as well as fiscal and monetary policy. The Economics faculty is very well published in leading international journals as well as experienced in offering practical advice to a range of governments and institutions. Several faculty members are editors or associate editors of leading international journals.


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