Are you a leader looking for inspiration and models of best practice? Or insights on how to tackle the common leadership challenges of today? Maybe you're an aspiring leader, seeking advice? Or are you an entrepreneur who simply wants to add value to people's lives?


London Business School's Leadership Institute is on a mission: to have a profound impact on the world through supporting the generation and application of path-breaking research on leadership.


Our aims


We aim and aspire to raise the standard of best practice in global leadership by:

  • Driving leadership research into practice by actively translating findings into teaching and outreach activities that cause leaders to rethink and improve their practice of leadership
  • Creating a generation of leaders who have a global view, a strong sense of community and who lead from their heart, as well as their head
  • Being a globally recognised destination for leaders to access research, teaching, and practice on leading and leadership.

The drivers of effective leadership – the individual traits, behaviours, and values applied in authentic moments that a leader faces every day – are just as critical as a leader's mindset. It's our job to help ensure you have the tools, innovative principles and self-understanding to lead in a way that makes a powerful and lasting impact.

We connect leaders to the world via our teaching, research and outreach efforts, so they can have lasting impact. We start with a deep understanding of the current challenges faced by business, governments and communities. Through path-breaking research, teaching, and trailblazing practitioner insights, we showcase best practice, as well as unique leading-edge approaches, on a global stage.

We uncover case studies you haven't heard of, create ones that will surprise you, and dissect the ones you already know.

Our focus isn't just on well-known leaders from renowned corporations; it's on people who make small, important changes that have great impact. From micro-entrepreneurs in South African townships to big businesses connecting with society – the Institute's work accelerates leadership capability and creates an authoritative force by showcasing leading-edge thinking from across the globe.

The Leadership Institute places research at its core. Our research programme produces rigorous, independent thinking from a multi-disciplinary group of faculty and other academic contributors to offer fresh perspectives on leadership.

There are four pillars that underpin the Institute's research efforts. Discover more about our pillars on our Leadership Pillars page.

Achieving our mission

The institute achieves its mission through a number of activities, including:

  • Case clinics
  • Seminars, symposia, and conferences
  • Case studies
  • Incubator projects (in collaboration with the LBS Incubator)
  • Events to provide access to the thinking of prominent leaders from the world of business, sport, and other disciplines.
  • Competitions

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Contact us

To learn more about the Institute contact us on:

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