The Institute’s mission is to have a profound impact on the way the world does business, and the way business impacts the world, by inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs, and equipping them with the expertise and insight to drive growth.

Our cutting-edge research into innovation and entrepreneurship enables us to develop tools and guidance for businesses across the globe. These business insights and activities enrich entrepreneurs within our LBS community, as well as a large and diverse audience of executives, innovators and policymakers who can influence real outcomes.

We also help organisations and businesses leaders by developing talented people and creating a global knowledge community.


The activities of the Institute were largely made possible as a result of generous foundation support from global professional services firm Deloitte. Until May 2017, Deloitte lent its name to the Institute (the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship). Many of the articles and publications published by the DIIE acknowledge Deloitte’s support.


Our work focuses on the following four pillars of research and activity:


Brave new workplace


DIIE_Pillar_1_Brave_new_workplace_100x100Our research focuses on developments in how people work, the nature of the organisations through which they interact and the institutional changes underway. We aim to shed a light on the future of work, and to understand how business can harness the full potential of the technology revolution. 



Redesigning services


DIIE_Pillar_2_Redesigning_100x100The value of products or services can be dramatically enhanced by changing aspects of their service model.  Our research focuses on finding and analysing new business models and supporting the adoption of those that offer the greatest value potential. We aim to raise awareness of these models, and to build communities of practice to help them spread.


Transforming lives through entrepreneurship

DIIE_Pillar_4_Transform_lives_100x100Improving the lives of micro-entrepreneurs helps enhance economic prosperity in developing nations. We research and propose solutions to the challenges faced by those who have limited access to essential business resources, such as skills, finance, information and technology.  We collaborate with a global network of partners to disseminate these solutions and facilitate their scaling. 



Enriching the entrepreneur’s journey


DIIE_Pillar_3_Enrich_journey_100x100Everything we do is designed to help entrepreneurs succeed, whether they are studying at LBS or are part of our wider audience. We provide the network, environment and resources that are essential ingredients for winning and innovating across borders.

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