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London Business School Review

Big organisations should think less about top-down strategy and allow more freedom at the grassroots

By Julian Birkinshaw

Flexible work is one of the biggest drivers of the transformation of business models

By Anna Johnston

How exactly is value created? New research shows the performance of private-equity-owned companies is driven by two major factors

By Aleksander A. Aleszczyk

Jyoti Bachani on why management structures need to shift away from controls and compliance to purpose and people

By Jyoti Bachani

There comes a point when business people with non-finance backgrounds can no longer delay acquiring the language of finance.

By Irem Tuna

Investors struggle to assess expenditure on ideas, patents, software, corporate culture and brand strength.

By Alex Edmans

Business theory is still struggling to grasp that organisations are driven by human behaviour

By Jules Goddard

Self-belief is useful. But it can also be dangerous, says David Lewis

By David Lewis

If you’re a fledgling entrepreneur, chances are you’ll be seeking venture capital. But there are other sources of money

By John Mullins