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London Business School Review

We are conditioned to be led by others, says Jules Goddard. That’s dangerous. We should learn independence

By Jules Goddard

The average company lifespan has shrunk to 17 years – and even the most successful firms can succumb

By Nandu Nandkishore

You’re more likely to get a successful outcome if you follow these tips

By Thomas Mussweiler

Learn to know when you’re happy and to enjoy the process of finding out what’s right for you

By Michael Parke

What leadership style is, what it isn’t and when to adapt

By Michael Parke

Huawei didn’t just go west. It went global. Here’s how

By David De Cremer

Technological upheaval and soaring customer expectations are driving businesses to collaborate in new ways to create value

By Michael G Jacobides

Happy people are curious, continually experiment and play to their strengths

By Dan Cable