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Harness these proven habits to transform your business, your community – your life

What developments can we expect to see in the business landscape over the next 12 months?

Knowing what to say and how to behave when offered a new job will increase your chances of getting the right job package for you.

By Gillian Ku

People in positions of power become cynical about the motives of their colleagues. And that means they think less of themselves

By Ena Inesi

Five book recommendations which force you to ask: am I being my best self?

By Dan Cable

Humans will do almost anything to avoid feeling out of control – even if it means electing an aggressive alpha male as leader

By Niro Sivanathan

New Year tips for leaders from the Leadership Institute

By Randall S Peterson

Our experts recommend some of their essential reads – both fiction and non-fiction – for you to enjoy over the break

By London Business School

Dan Cable recommends you stop and ask seven important questions before implementing your grand change ambitions.

By Dan Cable