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Florin Vasvari

Professor of Accounting

MA (University of Toronto) PhD (Rotman School of Management, Toronto)

Professor Florin Vasvari teaches Distressed Investing and Financial Restructuring, and Private Equity and Venture Capital. He is an expert on the use of accounting information in debt markets and private equity. His debt market research investigates the pricing and the role of accounting information in secondary debt markets. He covers issues on contracting in the syndicated loan market and public debt market, bond analyst and rating agency disclosures, collateralised loan obligations and private debt funds.

His work on private equity includes work on limited partners' private equity allocations, private equity valuation and performance measurement, private equity secondaries and aspects of risk management.

Professor Vasvari is a member of the editorial board of Adveq Research Series, The Accounting Review and Contemporary Accounting Research. 

With Eli Talmor he co-authored International Private Equity. The book has been endorsed by leading figures in the private equity industry. His work has also been published in leading academic journals and he has been invited to present at workshops and conferences around the world.


Corporate loan securitization and the standardization of financial covenants

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Ready, set, IPO

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The extent and evolution of pension funds' private equity allocations

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The U.S. private equity universe: a snapshot from SEC filings

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Working Paper

Corporate loan securitization and the standardization of financial covenants

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Social Sciences Research Network

Political lending

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Portfolio performance manipulation in collateralized loan obligations

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Similarity in bond covenants

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Corporate tax avoidance and public debt costs

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Equity cross-listings in the U.S. and the price of debt

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Liquidity in the secondaries private equity market

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Rotterdam School of Management,


Private equity fund level return attribution: evidence from UK based buyout funds

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Coller Institute of Private Equity Working Paper


Equity compensation and the pricing of syndicated loans

Vasvari F

Social Sciences Research Network

Implied bond liquidity

Vasvari F; Bushman R; Lee A



  • ELECTIVE Private Equity and Venture Capital E126 Streams A&C AUT16

  • ELECTIVE Private Equity and Venture Capital E126 Streams D-F SPR17

  • ELECTIVE Distressed Investing E485 Streams A&B SPR17

  • MA163 Mergers and Acquisitions 26-30 September 2016

  • MA171 Mergers and Acquisitions 13-17 February 2017

  • MA172 Mergers and Acquisitions 22-26 May 2017

  • PE162 Masterclass in Private Equity 26-28 October 2016

  • PE171 Masterclass in Private Equity 21-24 March 2017

Research Awards

  • AXA Research Fund, 3 year grant (joint with Yun Lou), 2010

  • Initiative on Global Markets Grant, University of Chicago (joint with Regina Wittenberg-Moerman and Gus De Franco), 2009

  • RAMD Fund Grants, London Business School, 2007-2010

  • Best Paper Award (Environmental Section), AFAANZ Conference, 2006

  • Best Paper Award, Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, 2006

  • Teaching Excellence Award, Rotman School of Management

  • Doctoral Student Best Paper Award, American Accounting Association, International Accounting Section, San Antonio, Texas, 2005 Home Capital Award, Home Capital Group, Toronto, 2005-2006



    International Private Equity

    Written from a unique joint practitioner and academic perspective by renowned experts in the field, International Private Equity is designed to be truly international in focus, with examples and case studies drawn from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and from a wide range of business sectors. The case studies, taken from the collection of the London Business School's prestigious Coller Institute of Private Equity, are used to exemplify and illustrate all stages of the private equity deal process. 


    To provide a context for these illustrative case studies, which make up the last section of the book, International Private Equity first covers all of the main aspects of the private equity model: 

    Part one provides an overview of the subject and a private equity fund level analysis, including coverage of fund economics, fund performance measurement, private equity investments in emerging markets, fund due diligence, fund accounting, the secondaries market for fund interests and alternative fund structures such as fund of funds and listed private equity funds. 

    Part two moves onto analysis at deal level, and covers topics such as valuation of private equity companies, deals analysis and due diligence, LBO transactions and modelling, post deal execution and the harvesting of private equity investments. 

    - Part three deals with early stage investing and includes chapters on Business Angel investing and Venture Capital. 

    "Professors Talmor and Vasvari combine academic rigor and real world cutting edge experience to provide an insightful and detailed description of private equity today. This is a most valuable contribution to academia, the industry, and to business in general." Henry R. Kravis, Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, Kohlberg, Kravis Roberts 

    "International Private Equity provides a most comprehensive insight and practical review of what the private equity world is. Professors Eli Talmor and Florin Vasvari have distilled years of investing experience and financial analysis into a text that is a must-read for everyone interested in the field, whether a novice student or an experienced investor." Dominique Senequier, CEO, AXA Private Equity

Research Interests

  • Private equity valuation and performance measurement
  • Private equity secondaries
  • Accounting disclosures in debt markets
  • Pricing of accounting information in secondary debt markets