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Olenka Kacperczyk

Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

PhD (University of Michigan)

Aleksandra (Olenka) Kacperczyk’s research covers entrepreneurship, innovation, social responsibility and mobility and labour markets. She has written papers on entrepreneurship versus intrapreneurship, the impact of stakeholder orientation on innovation and how trade secrets affect a firm’s value.

Away from her research, Aleksandra is Associate Editor of the Strategic Management Journal, an editorial board member of Administrative Science Quarterly, and an Editor of Organization Science.


Discrimination and entrepreneurship: Evidence from LGBT rights laws

Conti R; Kacperczyk O; Valentini G

Academy of Management Proceedings 2018 Vol 2018:1

Occupational licensure and entrepreneurs: the case of tax preparers in the U.S.

Albert K; Galperin R; Kacperczyk A

Industrial and Labor Relations Review 2018 Accepted

Vertical and horizontal wage dispersion and mobility outcomes: evidence from the Swedish microdata

Kacperczyk A; Bachalandran C

Organization Science 2018 Vol 29:1 p 17-38


Paradox of breadth: the tension between experience and legitimacy in the transition to entrepreneurship

Kacperczyk A; Younkin P

Administrative Science Quarterly 2017 Vol 62:4 p 731-764


Knowledge asymmetry and brokerage: linking network perception to position in structural holes

Hahl O; Kacperczyk A; Davis J P

Strategic Organization 2016 Vol 14:2 p 118-143

Money secrets: how does trade secret legal protection affect firm market value? Evidence from the uniform trade secret act

Castellaneta F; Conti R; Kacperczyk A

Strategic Management Journal 2016 Vol 38:4 p 834-853

Revisiting the small-firm effect on entrepreneurship: evidence from firm dissolutions

Kacperczyk A; Marx M

Organization Science 2016 Vol 27:4 p 893-910


Disentangling risk and change: internal and external social comparison in the mutual fund industry

Kacperczyk A; Beckman C; Moliterno T

Administrative Science Quarterly 2015 Vol 60:2 p 228-262

Impact of stakeholder orientation on innovation: evidence from the natural experiment

Flammer C; Kacperczyk A

Management Science 2015 Vol 62:7 p 1982-2001


Social influence and entrepreneurship: the effect of university peers on entrepreneurial entry

Kacperczyk A

Organization Science 2013 Vol 24:2 p 664-683


Opportunity structures in established firms: entrepreneurship versus intrapreneurship in mutual funds

Kacperczyk A

Administrative Science Quarterly 2012 Vol 57:3 p 484-521


With greater power comes greater responsibility: takeover protections and corporate attention to stakeholders

Kacperczyk A

Strategic Management Journal 2009 Vol 30:3 p 261-285