Yoonjin Choi

Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour

BS (Yonsei) PhD (Columbia)

Dr Yoonjin Choi’s research examines how various cultural elements such as values, frames and narratives shape individuals’ performance and behaviours as well as their social relationships. In one stream, Dr Choi looks at how individuals’ understanding and use of organisational culture affect their performance, including their creativity, conflict management skills and career attainment. In another stream, she focuses on values and examines how personal and organisational values shape individual behaviours, from building and maintaining relationships to making ethical decisions at work. Dr Choi uses various methods, from computational linguistics and social network analysis to field experiments.

Dr Choi has a PhD and an MPhil from Columbia Business School and a BS from Yonsei University.

  • Cultural values, frames and narratives
  • Shaping Individuals performances
  • Computational linguistics
  • Social network analysis
  • Field experiments


Cultural Breadth and Embeddedness: The Individual Adoption of Organizational Culture as a Determinant of Creativity

Choi Y; Ingram P; Han S W

Administrative Science Quarterly 2023 Online first


What Does Your Company Really Stand For?

Ingram P; Choi Y

Harvard Business Review 2022 Vol 100:11-12 p 41


From affect to instrumentality: the dynamics of values homophily in professional networks

Ingram P; Choi Y

Academy of Management Proceedings 2017 Vol 2017:1

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