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Take control of your career


Studying at London Business School offers a huge opportunity to build your career in business. The skills you will develop, the networks you will build and the support you will receive all work together to move your career in the direction you want to take.


Our competitive advantage


As one of the world’s top business schools, we offer outstanding research, teaching and thought leadership. We are based in one of the world’s pre-eminent business cities, which gives us a genuinely global outlook, with students from over 130 countries daring to challenge dogma and think differently.


Last year 96% of our MBA and Masters in Management graduates received a job offer within three months of graduating, and other masters programmes also have strong employment rates, making the London Business School advantage clear.


Latest employment reports

See specific details on what our programmes could do for your career:

Be a part of our alumni community


Becoming part of our alumni community at LBS brings substantial benefits.  You’ll be part of a network of over 39,000 high-flying professionals who have studied with us. Plus our 65 regional alumni clubs create a genuinely global network, offering you the insights, resources and networking you need to maximise your career.


Support for your career journey


Whether you are looking for promotion within your existing business, completely changing your career direction or going it alone as an Entrepreneur, our Leadership programs will help you to achieve your goal. The team of specialists within Career Centre will help you to make the best possible next step in your career in business after you leave the School.


Concerned about work permits?


We explain the process clearly and simply in our easy-to-understand guide.


Further your career using clubs


Explore areas of professional interest with fellow students and alumni at our vibrant clubs. Career Centre staff work closely with the professional clubs to ensure access to the very best recruiters and to organise high-quality professional treks across industries and geographies. Getting actively involved can provide vital leadership and networking opportunities and can lead to job opportunities.


Graduates Audrey Yu, Ben Blake and Beke Vuma all benefited from joining student clubs on campus as they navigated their career journeys.