Recruiting Global Talent for UK Positions

Recruiting non-EU students from London Business School is a straight-forward process. UK government changes to immigration policy since 2012 encourage the recruitment of highly skilled, international workers who have completed a degree at a UK institution.

Our students can be issued unrestricted Certificates of Sponsorship and start working for you on a full-time permanent basis as soon as they have been awarded their degree and submitted a Tier 2 visa application. Students studying at London Business School on a full-time degree programme are exempt from the Resident Labour Market Test and there is no cap or quota on the number of full-time degree programme students you can recruit.

Employing non-EU students during their studies

All full-time London Business School students studying on a Tier 4 visa are permitted to work while studying. During term time, students can work up to 20 hours per week; during vacation time, students can work full-time.

Due to the flexible nature of London Business School degree programmes, students can customise their studies meaning that formal term and vacation dates can vary from one student to another. This is permitted within Tier 4 regulations, allowing London Business School students to take on full-time work during non-study periods, which is considered as vacation time.

To ensure Tier 4 compliance, any students who wish to take vacation time outside of the traditional academic structure are granted formal study breaks confirming their ability to work full-time during this period.

Employing non-EU students immediately following programme completion

Students on Tier 4 visas are normally granted a 4 month period during which they are permitted to stay in the UK following completion of the programme. This is considered to be vacation time; therefore full-time work is permitted for a non-permanent job.