Looking to start a career in social impact?

There are different ways that students can embark on or develop their social impact careers.

Together with the Career Centre – the School team that helps students’ careers – and the Social Impact Club, students will get support to:

Get more businesses on board

LBS students who work for businesses such as multinational consultancy firms, corporates, financial institutions or technology companies can make a positive change by raising awareness of social impact issues at their company and get their companies involved.

Profit through social impact

Learn about industries that make a social impact, such as renewable energy, the circular economy or impact investing. We will connect students to businesses in such sectors and showcase how roles in for-profit businesses can have a more positive social impact.

Consider social impact as a core value to their career

LBS students get to network with organisations where social impact is the primary measure of success. The Hub and Career Centre will work with students to identify the necessary skills for securing a role in the sector, as well as succeeding in it.

Become a Social Entrepreneur

Students will get the chance to draw on the expertise of faculty and LBS institutes, as well as social impact partners to start their own initiatives and businesses.

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To find out more, please contact Jon Conradi, Senior Student-led Initiatives Manager at jconradi@london.edu

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