A place to push, dare and challenge yourself

London Business School brings together ambitious and engaged people from around the world in a stimulating, challenging and multicultural learning environment.

We give you the opportunity to hone your skills, deepen your knowledge and refine your learning in a supportive, communal setting, where practical, real-world experiences and academic study go hand in hand.

Whether that means traveling to an international business location to understand a new culture, or visiting a Formula One team to understand the true nature of team work, we give you the experiences and the knowledge to fulfil your potential.

  • Make London your classroom

    At LBS, London is more than simply an address. It is your bustling, busy and cosmopolitan classroom, offering a wealth of cultural, social and educational opportunities. As a school, we draw strength and energy from its diversity, and echo it in our classrooms, where the best business minds from around the globe meet.

  • Unparalleled access to business

    During your studies, you benefit from being at the centre of one of the world’s leading business centres, with over 700 of the world’s top businesses working right on your doorstep. We encourage you to make the most of our networks and connections, and gain a unique perspective into some of the world’s most successful and innovative organisations.

  • Global events and influential speakers

    Attend major networking events across the globe, hear first-hand experiences from major business thinkers, attend large-scale, media-friendly events such as our Global Leadership Summit, or sign-up to one of the many student clubs that ensures your learning never stops.

  • Expert faculty

    The School’s reputation for academic excellence is founded on the rigour of our faculty's field-leading research and exceptional teaching, mentoring and coaching. It is their passion, expertise and enthusiasm that sees us consistently ranked among the top business schools worldwide.

  • Practical learning beyond the classroom

    We believe in putting academic theory into practice. Through business immersion visits, real-world case studies, team-building exercises, field trips and role-playing work, you develop a wealth of vital business skills beyond the classroom.

  • Global reach, global learning

    Global business perspectives sit at the heart of your learning. We encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and immerse yourself in a different culture or business. Whether visiting a different country, or learning about one from your multicultural peer group, we guide you and help you build a global network, so that you can confidently conduct business anywhere in the world.

  • Learning through student-led initiatives

    Clubs and their initiatives increase the breadth and depth of learning opportunities at London Business School. These opportunities include discussions on cutting edge business topics, alumni sharing their work experiences, leading executives talking candidly about their industries, and many more.

    The entrepreneurial approach of our students means that if you feel there is a missing opportunity, you have the chance to create that yourself. This can be seen from the variety of different types of activity, from hackathons, to competitions, to conferences, to career treks.