Learning experience

The scope, teaching and international reach of the Global MiM makes it a masterclass in business management and practical learning. The unique combination of Shanghai and London gives you unparalleled exposure to two leading economic capitals and a unique understanding of western and eastern business practices.


Year one: London


Take advantage of one of the world’s most exciting cultural and business centres, where you are within walking distance of 75% of the world’s top 500 businesses. Studying in London exposes you to excellence in business practices and an opportunity to lay the foundations of a first-class network.


Your days are full, intensive and immersive, providing you with an innovative variety of learning methods to prepare you for a truly global business career.

  • Core courses and integrated modules

    Experience how business is done in different parts of the world. Transport your classroom learning to the global context. Broaden your perspective and understanding and develop the mind-set to drive a successful international career.


  • Electives

    Broaden your understanding and customise your learning experience. You can take three from around 40 electives drawing on our world-class faculty research and expertise.


  • Skills programme

    Develop the business-critical skills that recruiters want across three key areas: interpersonal and communication, numerical and digital literacy. From online branding to professional presentation, modelling, excel and programming, you build the business-standard competencies to stand out from the crowd and deliver immediate impact.


  • Global Immersion Field Trips

    Experience how business is done in different parts of the world. Transport your classroom learning to the global context. Broaden your perspective and understanding and develop the mind-set to drive a successful international career.


  • Live Business Project

    Turn theory into practice, build real-world experience and gain hands-on experience working addressing the challenges faced every day by a fast-moving London-based company.


For more information on year one programme content, visit the Masters in Management programme content and learning experience pages.


Year two: Shanghai


Build on the skills you have learned in London during year one in China’s economic centre, Shanghai. Acquire vital knowledge of the global business landscape and develop a deep understanding of Asia’s business practices.


Learn the best ways to communicate; how to portray the right business image and build your global business perspectives. Immerse yourself in a new culture, gain unprecedented access to Chinese companies and networks, and learn how eastern and western businesses can forge powerful working partnerships.

  • Summer internship

    How you spend your summer break between degrees could define your career, so make it count. During July-September, you have the choice to complete an internship. Whether you want to build on your existing experience, try out a new industry, or develop skills in a particular area, an internship will make your summer professionally rewarding.

  • Core courses

    Cross-cultural communication


    Communicate successfully in culturally diverse work places at home and abroad. On this course you gain sensitive cross-cultural writing and speaking skills, learn how to communicate through body language, eye contact, personal space and silence across different cultures, interact effectively with individuals in different time zones, and build best practice negotiation skills to use in an array of cultural environments.


    Global business management


    Gain a global perspective on business operations. Focus your learning on the international dimensions of strategy and apply a framework for formulating successful strategies in an increasingly complex environment.


    Business law and ethics


    Deepen your understanding of the legal and ethical implications of doing business in China. Through lectures, case studies and in-depth class discussions you take a hands-on approach to start solving business problems you may face in your career. Focus on legal and ethical environment, business organisation law, FDI law and trader law.

  • Electives

    In addition to the three electives you complete in your first year, you study a further three electives at Fudan School of Management.

    Entrepreneurship and innovation

    Technological innovation is increasingly the source of sustainable competitive advantage for firms around the world. However, building an organisation to successfully and repeatedly bring technological innovations to market is a daunting managerial challenge. On this elective, you focus on the practices and processes that managers use to lead innovation effectively.

    Advanced marketing

    This elective reflects on newly emerged practical activities, as well as research on service marketing, customer relationship management and digital marketing. Develop your knowledge of the immature market, China’s fast-changing marketing environment, and analyse its nature and features. In addition to this, deepen your understanding of consumer behaviours and learn how to provide guidelines for strategic decision.

    Managing the digital firm: information systems, big data and e-commerce

    Managing the digital firm: information systems, big data and e-commerce. Enhance your global vision and local knowledge of the internet technology sector. Designed to deepen your understanding of the evolution and integration of information technology in individual life and organisations, you gain the skills to effectively use information technology strategically and competitively. The elective will also address the emerging e-commerce market and various business innovations taking place in China.


    Supply chain and logistic management

    Globalisation of the economy and electronic commerce has heightened the strategic importance of supply chain and logistics management. This has led to new opportunities for using supply chain and logistics strategy and planning as a competitive tool. Through practical exercises and case studies, you formulate and analyse supply chain and logistic problems and learn the importance of supply chain finance in coordinating and managing global supply chains.


    Fashion and luxury brand management

    This introductory elective on fashion and luxury brand management provides you with a deeper insight into the world’s fashion and luxury industries. Develop a basic understanding about the types of business within the industries and begin to prepare yourself for a career in this field.

  • Global Immersion Field Trips

    During the second semester, travel to locations such as Japan, Thailand or Singapore on a Global Immersion Field Trip. Corporate visits, on-site seminars with local corporate employers and alumni, and academic visits to a local university provide yet another opportunity to gain exposure to a different business and cultural environment. Meet local students, exchange ideas and build on your existing global network.