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Want to keep your best people? Help them feel ready to go

By Tammy Erickson

Human beings are wired to innovate, yet most organisations stifle those urges

By Dan Cable

The gap between the owners and managers of listed companies is narrowing and that can only be a good thing

By Julian Franks

They’re big, grey and crinkly, and not as wise as you think. It’s time to kick elephants out of the boardroom. Sorry, old friends

By Randall S Peterson

Research suggests women may choose to work in different sorts of firms than men – those with flat hierarchies and a culture of collaboration

By Nigel Nicholson

How behavioural nudges lead to improved decision-making and more strategic alignment within your organisation 

By Lisa Shu

Gender parity is still a way off. But encouraging more men into the debate could help bring it closer

By Eliot Sherman

Dan Cable and Richard Jolly take Brexit as a case in point for change

By Dan Cable

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