London Business School Review


Five ways to bring your monitoring process into the 21st century

By Costas Markides

Paul Herman, founder of Bluebox, sets out six factors that can optimise the value of any business in the eyes of an acquirer.

By Jeff Skinner

The customer-driven world does not revolve around what CEOs want. What are the implications of being interconnected?

By Michael G Jacobides

“There is a magic to discipline”: heading up talent acquisition in an adhocracy

By London Business School

From rental management to intelligent retail to ensuring farmers in Kenya get a fair deal, enterprising graduates share their stories

By Aine Doris

A chihuahua inspires research into influencer marketing

By Andrea Galeotti

Pioneering research into shared medical appointments is shaking up long-held beliefs about healthcare delivery

By Kamalini Ramdas

Technological upheaval and soaring customer expectations are driving businesses to collaborate in new ways to create value

By Michael G Jacobides

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