Customer Focused Marketing: The Key to Unlocking Profits takes you beyond traditional customer insights derived from market research in order to provide you with a framework or re-aligning your organisation to deliver and capture value from your customers.

Drawing upon examples of real problems in your organisation, and using benchmarking across particular industry sectors, this programme will help you to develop tailor-made solutions which can be applied in your specific workplace context.

How will this programme benefit you?

On an individual level, the programme teaches you to:

  • learn how to gain deep customer insight and implement resulting ideas successfully
  • demonstrate marketing returns beyond the customer
  • benefit from the latest thinking on strategic marketing concepts
  • create and assess effective marketing strategies
  • manage customers for long-term profitability
  • contribute more effectively to market success and business planning.

How will this programme benefit your organisation?

This programme will help your organisation to: 

  • identify who your most valued customers are and develop tactics for getting closer to them
  • take marketing out of the communications box and coordinate the delivery of customer value across the organisation
  • take steps toward successful product development, go-to-market strategies and value pricing
  • align marketing impact across functional silos such as HR, finance, sales, research & developing, service and operations.
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