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Make better, bolder decisions

Achieve greater decision-making impact.

Benefit from an integrated approach, exploring theory and real-world application.

How you benefit

  • Sharpen your decision-making using sound reasoning, critical thinking and rigorous analysis

  • Increase your capacity for uncertainty by setting criteria and evaluating risk

  • Add key approaches – from normative to behavioural, collaborative to contextual – to your toolkit

  • Personalise your learning and apply a framework to help with a decision-making scenario unique to you and your business

  • Experience critical decision-making under pressure through a real-time interactive simulation

  • Discover insidious biases and errors so you can spot, change and fight them when making decisions

  • Learn about the limitations of gut instinct, how to balance rational and emotive thinking, and the power of nudges

  • Receive feedback from coaches and review your learning outcomes for long-term impact

How your organisation benefits

  • Working with others from a diverse range of international backgrounds, participants drill down deeply into the decision-making process

  • Through an intensive experience of teaching, learning, application and coaching, participants emerge stronger and surer in the decisions they make

  • They are better able to gain stakeholders’ commitment to implementation

  • The programme supports a renewed confidence amongst participants who can apply learning back within their organisation

Key details

Duration: 5 days
Next start: 08 Jul 2019
Fees: £8,100
Location: London

Next programme dates:

  • 08 - 12 Jul 2019

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Contact Sabrina Schwarz, Programme Consultant.

Email: dmsl@london.edu

Tel: +44 (0)20 7000 8545

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