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Henri Servaes, Richard Brealey Term Chair Professor of Corporate Governance and Professor of Finance

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  • Nationality: Belgian
  • Why he's the expert: Professor Henri Servaes is the Academic Director for this programme. He consults for leading companies and featured in the Financial Times’s ‘Gurus of the Future’ series. By peeling back the financial strategies behind some of the world’s best-known companies, his practical knowledge will sharpen your thinking.
  • Research and experience: Professor Servaes’ areas of interest include pay-out policy, M&A, corporate restructuring, financial distress, the security issuance process and long-term financial planning. He connects you to leading financial institutions as Professor Servaes’ expertise also centres on corporate governance, IPOs, mutual funds, and capital structure. He’s published articles on these topics in the top finance journals and is an associate editor of five journals, including the Journal of Finance. His work has been presented at major international finance conferences and at more than 70 universities worldwide.
  • Key clients: IProfessor Henri Servaes consults and provides executive education for Anglo American, Barclays, Bertelsmann, Continental, Deutsche Bank, E.ON, the FT (Lex Team), Freshfields, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Suez and more.