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Benefits and impact

Arm yourself with the tools and tactics to plan, negotiate and complete deals that make your organisation stronger and more successful.

Benefits to you

  • Widen your understanding of the role of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in your corporate strategy

  • Learn how to assess possible targets realistically, value target companies, assess bid tactics and avoid common pitfalls

  • Approach the negotiation process with the skill and confidence to come away from it with the best possible deal

  • Gain the global perspective, knowledge and awareness needed to tackle M&A anywhere in the world, through the diverse insights shared by your peers and faculty

  • Handle the cultural and system issues that arise during the post-acquisition process, and understand key factors for on-going success, such as consistent leadership

  • Successfully complete integration to generate maximum long-term value from the merger.

Benefits to your organisation

To achieve maximum impact for your organisation, we recommend you send multiple employees on the programme. Your organisation acquires a senior manager with the ability to:

  • Use mergers, acquisitions and divestments to gain a competitive edge and increase shareholder value for sustained growth

  • Understand how to spot an opportunity, assess value and implement a deal on the most beneficial terms

  • Evaluate the financial implications of a merger or acquisition accurately and understand the use of leverage.

Key details

Duration: 4 days
Next start: 25 Nov 2019
Fees: $7,800*
Location: DIFC, Dubai

2019 dates and fees:

  • 25 - 28 Nov 2019
  • Fees: $7,800*

*All fees currently quoted exclude the new mandatory 5% tax (VAT) that is applicable in the UAE.

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