From classroom learning to real-world execution

"I was instantly able to relate my work to the key aspects, theories and tools from the programme."

Tural Yusifov

Manager, M&A, Mubadala Petroleum
Participant on the Mergers & Acquisitions - Dubai Programme

New growth opportunities

"I have been an integral part of the team responsible for the development of a new acquisition strategy and its successful implementation."

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Exploring the nuances of M&A deals

"My company - Mubadala Petroleum - has recently been very active in pursuing new growth opportunities in Oil & Gas, both through corporate M&As and asset-level farm-in and swaps. When I joined the M&A transaction team from my previous role in Corporate Strategy, I needed to be able to lead full-cycle M&A initiatives – from deal origination to deal closing and post-closing integration.

‘Successful deals result from collaboration between multiple functions such as financial, tax, legal, so I was really keen to understand the process from different angles and perspectives. I also wanted to examine key success factors and risks for effective deal execution - backed by real-life evidence from markets and based on recent successful or failed transactions - and explore the nuances of M&A deal execution across different industries outside of Oil & Gas.

‘London Business School’s M&A programme gave me the opportunity to do all of the above, and to explore real-life content that helped put my learning into practice. I was instantly able to relate my daily work to the key aspects, theories and tools taught during the programme. It’s a very practical learning environment focused on case studies, real-world statistics and interactive discussion.

‘Faculty offered us a wealth of knowledge and business expertise, providing practical insights on every aspect of the M&A process. I found it fascinating that some of our professors had been directly involved in the deals described in some of our case studies; this allowed a deep dive into details about specific transactions and some priceless insights.

‘The strategic context and logic of acquisitions are frequently overlooked or misinterpreted in the real world and my company is no exception. The M&A programme enabled me to systematically approach and set growth objectives, develop acquisition strategies and use tools and tests to evaluate deals - all in line with our corporate strategy. I also enjoyed the focus on rigorous planning and its part in ensuring successful post-deal implementation and integration.

‘Happily, the timing of my M&A programme coincided with Mubadala Petroleum revising our corporate strategy. As a result, I have been an integral part of the team responsible for the development of a new acquisition strategy and its successful implementation. Some of my recommendations (with respect to framing a new growth strategy in line with the revised corporate strategy, refining the company’s new investment criteria and developing a country-specific deal pipeline in the context of a broader portfolio fit) for this exercise were based on key takeaways from the programme."

A new approach to growth

"The programme enabled me to develop growth objectives and acquisition strategies and to use tools  to evaluate deals."

An interactive environment

"Interacting with instructors on numerous investment topics and with people of such diverse backgrounds, I re-discovered myself."

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A journey of re-discovery

New expertise

"The opportunity to immerse myself in this type of study environment – listening, learning and sharing personal business experiences - after such a long period away from school was thrilling. Interacting with instructors on numerous investment topics and with people of such diverse backgrounds, I re-discovered myself. I also developed a strong desire to learn new things beyond my area of expertise - about private equities, common coding languages, artificial intelligence etc.

Learning across geographies

‘I worked with a particularly vibrant cohort that represented countries as far afield as Australia and the USA, with professional backgrounds as diverse as a Norwegian ice-cream making company and the US Army. Most people had significant professional experience, either from the corporate world or as seasoned entrepreneurs, and all were enthusiastic and eager to learn and share their views. I learned a huge amount from my classroom interactions, including how business is done in other industries and geographical locations. And I have remained in touch with most of my classmates through a WhatsApp group - it’s a great forum to consult with each other and exchange views.

‘What surprised me is how well LBS managed to create an inclusive community feel for our cohort, especially as this is a short executive course. The programme coordinators are constantly in touch and faculty are always happy to elaborate and explore any area of specific interest. Overall, the programme provides a broad strategic picture of M&A – learning that is already helping me in my current role, and that I will take with me to utilise in more senior supervisory roles in the future."

Mergers and Acquisitions - Dubai

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