Core courses provide a solid grounding in the theory, frameworks and analytical skills to effectively lead change and drive organisational performance. Explore the latest theory in business management alongside world-renowned faculty and experienced Sloan Fellows.


Leadership: maximising personal and organisational leadership impact


The core courses in leadership are designed to empower senior professionals to lead with impact, implement change and add value to their organisations.


Executive Leadership
Understand the knowledge, skills and attributes required for effective leadership, and maximise your personal impact through enhanced insight. Gain individual feedback using assessment instruments and work one-to-one with an experienced coach to develop a personal action plan.


Understanding Top Management
Assess how you can influence the world within and beyond your organisation in a way that gives full expression to what you stand for – personally and professionally.


Leading People and Organisations
Discover the critical leadership skills you need to build and sustain competitive advantage by leveraging the intellectual capital and unique abilities of your workforce.


Reinforce your ability to creatively adapt to change through understanding yourself, others and the contexts around you. Think constructively about your life transitions and gain control over your future career as a leader. Look outward at the lives of leaders and notable historical figures, and inward at your past choices and future trajectories.


Strategy: making strategic decisions in a changing world


Strengthen your ability to define your vision and see it come to life. Gain new frameworks and insights to help you create and implement successful strategies.


The Global Corporate Agenda
Long term corporate success requires navigating the changes that reshape the world economy and the business agenda. You will gain knowledge on possible future changes, how they shape the corporate agenda and the strategic issues that will arise in response.


Examine how to position an organisation effectively against market forces and shape these to your advantage. Put in place the capabilities to help maintain and strengthen your market position. Learn how to link strategy to action through the day-to-day activities of your people.


Leading the Market-Driven Organisation
Develop and implement marketing strategies that reinforce your broader strategic direction. Create customer value through market segmentation and differentiation; product design, development and launch; managing suppliers, agents and distributors; building and communicating brand value; and building customer loyalty. At the same time, capture value through pricing decisions to ensure long-term viability.


Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Relations
Consider your future as a senior executive, board member, owner or stakeholder in the changing landscape of corporate governance and stakeholder relations. The course adopts an explicitly political perspective, showing how different players inside and outside a firm work to shape leadership and strategy.


Business Fundamentals for Global Leaders


These courses are designed to provide a tailored approach for senior-level professionals who can upgrade their quantitative skills and hone their analytical decision-making abilities.


Master the financial accounting skills that senior professionals need to be able to communicate results and make accounting choices.


Corporate Finance
From the viewpoint of a senior executive, we look at issues of capital allocation, external financing, risk in the corporation and in financial markets, leverage, strategic options, company valuation, corporate governance and executive compensation.