The Masters in Management is a truly global learning experience that takes you from classroom learning to direct interaction with the international world of business.


Class time is spent in the heart of London, one of the world’s most innovative and dynamic business hubs. In class you explore and work through new concepts and ideas through action learning and interchange with peers and faculty. Beyond the classroom you translate theory into practice, engaging with real-world businesses and business leaders in an international context.


Classroom experience


You will be expected to participate fully and push your learning to the maximum. Through a range of dynamic, action-oriented activities including case studies, workshops and simulations, you build analytical thinking, knowledge and the decision-making competencies to respond to the kinds of real-world challenges you’ll face when you graduate. You will be stretched, challenged and supported by a cohort of highly diverse peers and our international faculty.


  • Study groups and assignments

    We take you far outside your comfort zone. Study groups and assignments are strategically devised to maximise diversity. As you work together with other high achievers from different backgrounds and cultures, you not only share insight and build experience – you also challenge your own assumptions and understanding. Assignments see you build the interpersonal and cross-cultural competencies to lead teams in international business settings. And the project-management skills to really get things done.

  • Faculty

    Pulling all of this together is LBS faculty. Our faculty are at the forefront of global business, shaping practices across the world. They are also experts in building the theoretical understanding and the practical business skills to apply that theory in the real world. Through a range of innovative learning tools, from case studies to simulations, your professors expose you to complex business challenges and help you build the skills and tools to make decisions that work in a fast-changing environment.

  • Case studies and simulations

    Class time gives you a safe and trusted environment to explore the problems you will come up against in real life. Case studies and simulations put you on the spot. Using the information available and through open discussion and debate, you devise workable solutions and explore how they might play out over the longer term. Action-oriented and dynamic learning experiences, they build the analytical thinking and decision-making skills that recruiters are looking for.

  • Personal development

    Your ability to build relationships, influence outcomes and negotiate terms will be critical to your success wherever you want to go. Customise your personal development plan to build the self-awareness, confidence and critical workplace skills finance recruiters look for. From workshops teaching you to make an impact online to networking and presentation skills, you’ll tailor your plan each term, for maximum personal impact.

Beyond the classroom

Real-world experience is built into your learning through exposure to businesses and business practitioners from all over the world. At London Business School you are exposed to excellence in all its diversity on a daily basis. Through on-campus interaction with alumni, elective subjects that bring you together with more experienced students, guest speakers and contact with industry experts, you gain profound understanding of the world of business. And hands-on programme experiences give you the chance to see theory come alive in practice, develop your skills in the real-world context and leverage the opportunity to extend your international business network.

  • International business exposure

    Carefully structured Global International Field Trips, LondonLAB and career treks expose you to the real world of international business in all its complexity and ambiguity. You work in situ, exploring how challenges evolve and change fast, and how solutions can be found by translating theory into practice. Hands-on experience in diverse settings builds your understanding, skills and networks, giving you more to offer to future employers and the confidence to grapple with real business challenges in the real business context.

  • Mentoring

    Take advantage of mentoring from MBA and Master in Finance students and alumni. Mentors are experienced successful professionals who can deepen your understanding, support you with job applications, build your global network and offer advice throughout the programme.

  • Internship

    The introduction of a fourth term expands your eligibility to apply for more internship opportunities. For companies which recruit on a strict penultimate year policy, you will now be able to apply for summer internships commencing at the end of your core course work, then return to campus in the autumn term for additional electives. Students are required to source their own internship opportunities.

  • Guest speakers

    Gain expert insight into how our complex global business world operates, its challenges and the innovative business practices that differentiate top performers. Inspirational leaders from business, politics and the arts have included Apple’s Pascal Cagni and Dame Amelia Fawcett, non-executive Chairman of The Guardian and former Banking Executive at Morgan Stanley.

  • Business sector clubs

    Student Clubs are the heart and soul of London Business School student experience. Our 75+ clubs provide a vibrant, collective and fun community to suit the needs of our diverse and international student body. Clubs are also an opportunity to explore areas of business interest and provide important networks that extend to alumni and the wider community.


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