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The School, which launched the Leadership Institute in 2016, is dedicated to tackling gender disparity. Our aim as a leading business school and top research institution is clear: to highlight the pressing need for gender equality in the workplace, expose the obstacles to achieving this and propose solutions. We believe our thought leadership has the capability to influence current leaders and shape future generations. Here’s how:

Thought leadership

lea-binoffWomen in Finance

Lea Blinoff discusses what's changed for women in finance over the last 20 years.


AndrewLikierman1482x271Three negotiating skills women can't afford to ignore

Negotiating has become an increasingly important skill in a world in which we are changing jobs more frequently than ever before.



RichardPortes482x271 40B430322DDD4E798E1C0AFD3DC79CE8Gender parity: the pipeline problem

A spotlight on Isabel Fernandez-Mateo’s research – why on the path to gender parity we need to look beyond the top.


Effective-teamworkLeadership insights: effective teamwork

Why do teams matter?



ways_to_avoid_venture_capital_trapThe gender pay gap: do women have a sporting chance?

The recent row over tennis players’ pay highlighted a continuing gender bias in sport. Why does it persist – and what can the world of sport learn from business? Raina Brands explores.


MichaelJacobides482x271 65BCA7A3D0AC417FAEEEC11F688D95A5Charm School

Your reputation as a charismatic leader could be profoundly affected by the informal advice ties in your team.



charm_schoolWhat if we could facilitate the recognition of female leaders?

Raina Brands, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour, speaks at the 2015 Global Leadership Summit, exploring the future of business.


what-ifLocating the glass ceiling

Isabel Fernandez-Mateo’s research looks at why there are so few women at the top.