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Pioneering research is the cornerstone of London Business School’s ability to have a positive impact on the world.

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The School is dedicated to tackling gender disparity. Our aim as a leading business school and top research institution is clear: to highlight the pressing need for gender equality in the workplace, expose the obstacles to achieving this and propose solutions. We believe our thought leadership has the capability to influence current leaders and shape future generations. Here’s how:


2018: the year you become a better leader

Start here and now if you want that great leadership role





When stereotypes collide: gender vs race in hiring decisions

The same STEM job applicant might be viewed as more or less hireable depending on what aspect of her identity is presented as most salient.


New and taboo: 5 tips from an innovator

FabLittleBag’s Martha Silcott shares the highs and lows of getting her invention to market




A growth mindset helps in coping with expressions of bias

What happens after you confront prejudice in the workplace? That depends on whether or not you believe people can change



She or he

Selin Kesebir’s research shows how our use of language reflects and influences perceptions of gender roles




Lessons in courage – how women make big decisions

An ongoing study of women’s careers reveals one big lesson: be fearless



Girl Effect: What social change means, and why it matters

How Girl Effect and Farah Ramzan Golant are building brands and riding a digital wave to help young people realise their potential



Five insights from inspiring women in Britain

We shine light on just some of the women leading the way in the UK




No contest

Men and women respond differently to competition. It’s vital your organization knows why, says Selin Kesebir

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