Stephanie Chen

Assistant Professor of Marketing

AB (Princeton) PhD (New York)

Dr Stephanie Chen conducts research on the psychological processes that underlie decision making, reasoning, and consumer behaviour. Her research has appeared in top journals such as Psychological Science and Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

Prior to joining London Business School, Dr Chen was a post-doctoral fellow at the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business. She earned an AB in Psychology from Princeton University and a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from New York University.

Her prior experience includes working as a consultant at ZS Associates where she helped clients with a wide range of sales and marketing issues.


We do what we are: Representation of the self-concept and identity-based choice

Chen S Y; Urminsky O; Yu J

Journal of Consumer Research 2023 Online first


What's left of me? The role of self-continuity in decision-making and judgments about identity persistence

Chen S; Urminsky O

in Tobia, K, Experimental Philosophy of Identity and the Self, Bloomsbury Publishing 2022


How Personal Theories of the Self Shape Beliefs About Personal Continuity and Transformative Experience

Molouki S; Chen S Y; Urminsky O; Bartels D M

In Lambert E and Schwenkler J (eds.), Becoming someone new: essays on transformative experience, choice, and change, Oxford University Press.


Causal beliefs in the self-concept and identity-based consumption

Chen S Y

In Reed II, A. & M. Forehand (Eds.) Handbook of research on identity theory in marketing, Edward Elgar, 2019

The role of causal beliefs in political identity and voting

Chen S Y; Urminsky O

Cognition 2019 July Vol 188 p 27-38


Beliefs About the Causal Structure of the Self-Concept Determine Which Changes Disrupt Personal Identity

Chen S Y; Urminsky O; Bartels D M

Psychological Science 2016 Vol 27:10 p 1398-1406

Eyetracking reveals multiple-category use in induction

Chen S Y; Ross B H; Murphy G L

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning Memory and Cognition 2016 Vol 42:7 p 1050-1067


Decision making under uncertain categorization

Chen S Y; Ross B H; Murphy G L

Frontiers in Psychology 2014 Vol 5:991

Implicit and explicit processes in category-based induction: is induction best when we don't think?

Chen S Y; Ross B H; Murphy G L

Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 2014 Vol 143:1 p 227-246

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