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MBA insights from alumni

MBA alumni offer their advice to prospective students.


Advice from alumni


“Don’t spend too much time ruminating about your failures. Learn the lessons from them quickly and move on. Dwelling on them is demotivating and depressing. In a similar vein, concentrate on your strengths – and find someone else who can compensate for your weaknesses.”
Alan Melkman (British), MSc01(1968)


“Be aware that never again will you have easy access to such a faculty; never again will you be surrounded by so many smart people from such culturally diverse backgrounds. By studying alongside them, you may learn something about yourself. And that is perhaps the greatest gift of all."
Mark Tapley (British), MSc07(1974)


“Follow your heart; don’t follow the herd. Choose electives you enjoy, not ones you feel you ought to. Choose a job or an industry because it sounds fun to you; the money will follow if you enjoy it.”
Andre Millodot (French), MBA1996


“Flexibility and agility are key. You need to learn how to constantly learn and readapt yourself. Take full advantage of the intellectual powerhouse that is LBS.”
Francoise Michel (French/Australian), MBA2000


"Be present."                                                               Grace Vera Cruz (Filipina), MBA2008


“Don’t compare yourself to peers or other friends and family, but be clear about what you want to achieve from the MBA. Don’t get side-tracked by someone else’s Goldman Sachs or McKinsey dream if that's not your dream. Realise that success is relative and sometimes it only comes a few years after completing your MBA; there is no instant magic or glorification.”
Ishita Sinha (British), MBA2009


“With the ever-accelerating pace of technological and societal changes, prepare to reinvent yourself every few years. Linked to that, hone your resilience and adaptability skills.”
Sasha Pak (Russian), MBA2014


“Embrace the diversity that LBS is uniquely equipped to offer; seek to learn from your classmates coming from so many different walks of life; get fresh perspectives on new and old topics alike; be open-minded and challenge yourself - there is hardly any other context than the MBA that offers such an opportunity for learning and development."
Anca Velicu (Romanian), MBA2017