Why we should not view ESG as something niche

Alex Edmans discusses his recent paper, The End of ESG, in the The Why Podcast


"ESG is both extremely important and nothing special," begins Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance at London Business School, in his latest paper, The End of ESG, where he delves into the implications of ESG investing. 

The title of his paper was deliberately provocative and caused a stir – but the point he was making was that a fundamental part of understanding a company and its operations is understanding its impact on the environment and the world. ESG has been politicised and linked to identity, but a more useful starting point might be to get beyond polarised opinions and instead take a deeper look at what creates long-term value for shareholders and society. 

Listen to Alex Edmans in conversation with Kathy Brewis, as he explains with clarity and balance what exactly he meant by his slightly provocative title, and why ESG does actually matter. And read his paper The End of ESG here.

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Alex Edmans is Professor of Finance at London Business School and author of Grow the Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit. His TED talk ‘What to Trust in a Post-Truth World’ and TEDx talks The Pie-Growing Mindset and The Social Responsibility of Business have a combined 2.5 million views. He teaches on the MBA programme.


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