Real stories: the entrepreneur's journey

Fineazy’s Monique Baars on how she learnt to hustle

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What makes an entrepreneur? Find out in our new podcast series. In the first episode, we hear from Monique Baars, former management consultant, London Business School alumna and founder of Fineazy.

“Not many people resign from BCG to do their MBA and then start a business, but for me it was very deliberate,” she tells Jeff Skinner, Executive Director of LBS’s Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

“I’d reached a time when I thought, if I could apply everything I’ve learnt and spend these hours solving one of the biggest social problems of our time, imagine the impact I could have.”

Fineazy empowers people to make better financial decisions with the help of an AI chatbot.

“I’ve never woken up in the morning more excited to get stuff done,” says Baars. “At the same time, I’ve never had to manage the incredible highs and lows that come every hour of every day…”

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